Once you’ve heard the music, and felt the energy, you’ll have experienced a Zirka zabava.   Lively Ukrainian polkas and waltzes mixed in with some classic and some new pop tunes and it’s a party like no other.   Zirka is six musicians who love to play their instruments and sing, and do it for the right reason: to entertain, to create a party atmosphere, and to have fun.



Contact Zirka regarding your next wedding or zabava, and watch for them appearing at festivals throughout Canada and the USA.   And come back and visit this website now and then to see what’s new and check out our upcoming bookings.



Morris Hucal

  –  accordion and vocals









Peter Hucal

  –  guitar and vocals









Johnny “Goose” Hucal

  –  trumpet, percussion, and vocals









Katherine Hucal

  –  sax, percussion, and vocals









Karen Aniol

  –  violin and vocals









Bill Hawryschuk

  –  drums











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